Ok, so I missed Christmas. Remember this for next year or something. It is probably to depressing to make now because we all want spring to come.
First you need:
White socks
Baby socks
Orange peel
whole peppercorns
Glue gun

Fill the white sock with rice. Try it off into three sections as you fill. (Think snowman body)

 Cut off the end of one of the baby socks.
 After you cut the end, add frays (By cutting) to the raw edge.
 Tie it off with a scrap from the sock (or break it up with another color) This is the hat.

I like to add a “patch” on the hat. (See above)

Time to make the scarf!

Cut the side of another baby sock.

Now you have a long strip.
 Fray the ends.
 Fold over an orange peel and glue it together.
Now, cut the side so that it is in the shape of a carrot. 
Use hot glue to attach the nose. Use peppercorns for the eyes and mouth.
 Gather some small twigs for the arms.

Cut a tiny hole in the side to fill with hot glue. Stick in the stick. (haha)



3 thoughts on “Snowman tutorial

  1. Those are adorable! I'm sure I have most of this around the house somewhere. I would just need to pick up some glue for my hot glue gun, which I've been meaning to do for a long time 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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