Every domestic goddess (cough) has to make a mistake now and then. Well, I am trying to get Katherine to like more of an “adult” breakfast (basically anything that is not baby cereal and has a lot of nutrition). One of my favorites is cream of wheat- um, with chocolate mix. πŸ™‚

MMMMM, so good. I justify it by all the vitamins Nesquik adds.

HOWEVER, I dodn’t want Katherine slipping into my undying love for chocolate at the age of nine months, so I made her’s plain, but with berries.

This is my confession. I have no idea how you are supposed to make farina. Sure, I read the side of the box… months ago. I just pour in milk and whatever else I am adding and throw (yes, literally throw the bowl) into the microwave for whatever time I feel like. I am not very picky- about the texture, and it usually manages to come out right OK.

Well, it didn’t turn out so good for Katherine.

She got fresh (frozen) blueberries. Yum yum.

Well, it came out like some sort of chemically altered play dough. She looked like she didn’t like it at all. She could barely get it off the spoon. Epic fail. While I was sitting in my chair in all of my lazy glory, trying to ponder a solution that didn’t involve making a second breakfast, an idea occurred to me.

Look at those delectable clumps of failed culinary perfection.

It was so clumpy, she could literally eat it as finger food. I haven’t written much about the trials of feeding Katherine. It can all be summed up in this. She LOVES finger food. It hasn’t been much of an issue lately, but she is so happy with finger food. I like it too as it gives me time to eat in a relaxing manner and as a bonus perk, allows me to clean the kitchen.

She loved it!

I saved the left overs for tomorrow’s breakfast. Buahaha.

2 thoughts on “A domestic disaster becomes a great discovery

  1. How funny πŸ™‚ One time, I made these cookies that turned out like little hockey pucks… but the kids loved them! My hubby and I could barely stand the one bite we each took. πŸ™‚


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