I have found a new love.


When we were in Paris a few months ago, one of my main missions was to eat a delectable Parisian macaron. It happened at a quaint coffee shop after a conversation with our waiter- French mingled with English with a good amount of laughing and me blushing at my French.

It was amazing. However, my faulty french procured me espresso instead of a Cafe Americano. Oops.

I wished at the time I could make some upon returning home, but I thought it would be too difficult.

Since then, I have realized that many people believe that they are very challenging to make and often never try. However, after finding a recipe and realizing that the ingredients were not that exotic, nor were the techniques that difficult, I set forth on a quest.

What is in the photogenic morsels? You start with a castor sugar meringue, add a mixture of  almond flour and powdered sugar and voila! One of the secrets to a good macaron is the filling after it is baked. A filling has to be thick, but still soft. So far I have used a chocolate ganache, Swiss meringue and logan berry jam with rose water.

I am not going to share a recipe in this post because it isn’t mine. However, I will share the amazing links I used. Are they hard to make? Yes and no. It really depends on your recipe. My first attempt did not have enough description and I ended up with an unusable mess.

I used this recipe for the ingredients and this recipe for the technique (this recipe helps too!). These recipes are phenomenal  Be prepared for a long read. I found the main point was to be very very careful and not over beat the meringue. It really cannot be stressed enough. The rest time is also crucial.

This video shows the French technique of folding. It is probably insanely obvious to most people, but it helped me a lot.

Letting the macarons dry after piping them onto sheets makes the shell nice and glossy after baking.

After they are cool, sandwich them between delicious fillings.

You can sprinkle toppings on the cookies before baking.Obviously, my macaroons are not ‘perfect’ but since I am not in Paris, I will take them. Happily.

Today I got some natural (vegetable based) food colorants to make delightfully hued macarons. I am pretty excited about trying them out.


Have fun making macarons!

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