I’ve just added some fun dresses to my Etsy shop. Most of these are made with designer fabrics, which are so much fun to work with.

$30- 0-3 Months

This is the dress I made with the scraps of my Washi top. It is a super soft double gauze by Nani Iro.

$25 3-6 Months

I am a huge fan of anything Victorian, so getting this fabric was a mini-thrill.

$25 3-6 Months

This is a cute modern print by Riley Blake.

$25 0-3 Months

You can not imagine how cute this print is. Pigs!

It is a cotton/linen blend by Heather Ross.

This last dress is not actually for sale. I put it into the picture because they look cuter together. I love how the colors blend. Any who, this is for a sweet baby of my cousin. The fabric is from one of our grandmother’s vintage sheets. She died several years ago. She made a huge impression on all of us cousins, so I have been so happy to have something of “hers” to give to the new baby!

**These dresses are all made from the Geranium pattern at Made By Rae. I am a licensed seller.

2 thoughts on “Gernaium dresses for my Etsy Shop

  1. Really awesome wares! Great-looking fabrics and color with pretty and nice designs. It was wise that you've posted those on blogger and on Etsy. What's even wiser is that your blogger site seems fairly well-maintained, with page design and samples that are inviting to the eyes. That should make a mark on the minds of people who see this. In any case, good job!

    John Elliott Page @ Page 1 Consulting, LLC


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