I can’t help myself.


Double gauze is so soft and comfortable to wear. It is perfect for summer.
I have found that there is somewhat of a trick to sewing double gauze. Mostly, it sews and cuts like any other cotton. However, if you don’t give generous seam allowances, the fabric along the seams will likely begin to fray- more than standard quilting cotton.
Shirring the back is surprisingly easy as well. You only need to load the bobbin with elastic thread. 
I just bought some dreamy floral linen. A huge part of me wants to make another Washi top with it, but I am starting to worry that it may be too many, haha.

6 thoughts on “Another Nani Iro Double Gauze Washi top

  1. This is so so lovely! Nani Iro fabric is so special isn't it? Last night I finished my first washi dress in the very same beautiful blue bird's eye fabric that your other version is made from (I know the coincidence – the day I cut the dress out I came across your beautiful blog!) Blessings for a happy weekend – Emily xx


  2. Thank you! I have just spent the last several minutes perusing your blog- it is so beautiful! I love the color blue as well. Farming in Australia must be amazing. I grew up on a farm in New York (upstate, far from the city) and loved it so much.


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