I decided, after getting sick, that Facebook is getting to be a ridiculous time waster; consequently, I decided to learn how to knit. There were other reasons too. I have been swooning over the most darling knit projects that I see on Instagram and other lovely spots on the internet.

So, after watching several you-tube videos, I started. My first hat was cute, but too small.

Worsted weight, size 9 needles.

This is my second hat. In reality, it should be the fourth or fifth hat because of how many times I pulled stitches out to start over again. I didn’t mind though, because I like (so far) knitting for the sake of knitting. It is so soothing.

Irish Aran Homespun, size 4 needles.

This is my second project. It is a good deal harder to stitch with smaller needles, but I still like it. I haven’t ripped massive amounts of stitches yet, though I have somewhat of a foreboding that it is still to come.

3 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. Hallo! I have been knitting for 11 years and wanted to kindly ask – are you maybe knitting through the back loop by accident? The way your knit stitches are lying in the orange hat make me wonder. It's a common mistake when you start learning. I'd be happy to help if I can.


  2. Ever since I used books and youtube to help me learn how to knit a few years ago, I've been hooked! I knit more than I crochet now and enjoy learning new techniques. Glad you've added it to your list of talents!


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