Katherine, like most little girls, likes princess dresses. I recently re-acquired a pattern (Simplicity 8953) that I had saved since I was about 16. I decided to use stash fabric and make up a princess dress for Katherine.


The bodice looks rather large. It is. Katherine often wears her play dresses over her normal clothes. Also, I figured that she could have an extra year or two out of it, if it were a size or two larger. 
I modified the bodice to give it a faux-eighteenth century look. The pink ribbon was also from my ancient stash- from when I was a teenager. 
I made her a felt crown with a sewn-in-place veil. It secures under the chin with an elastic strap. She was deep in a Maid Marion (from the 1939 Robin Hood!) stage, at the time, so it pleased her greatly. 
Daniel requested to have a dance with her. I like how silly they look together- what a clash of outfits!
I lament to inform you that she does not care about her princess dress. She loved it dearly for about 2.5 days, then stopped wearing it. Alas! At least it is big enough to fit her for another two years. Maybe she will like it again. 
P.S. These photos where taken at the start of summer. Daniel had a hair cut and looks two years older since then. 

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