I just finished my first lace project: the Persephone scarf. I bought the yarn from Eat Sleep Knit at the All American Council (for OCA Orthodox churches) in Atlanta, Georgia. The yarn is a dreamy blend of wool and silk bManos del Uruguay Fino. The only modifications I made from the pattern (except a few annoying mistakes) was that I made it a little longer (5 repeats instead of 4) and I sewed the edges together to create an infinity scarf. It took several weeks, but would have been much shorter if we didn’t buy a house and move while making it. 

I  love how it matched my knitting notion’s bag.

It was so exciting to see the lace grow.  Unfortunately, I had to frog so much of it back that it felt like I knitted the first repeat twice.

As a side note, if you are using a chart, marking it wish washi tape is the way to go! It is easily removable and doesn’t loose it’s stickiness.

My friend and I were unofficially racing to finish first. She was stalled with running out of yarn and needing to make an order, while I was stalled by moving. It was fun that our colors looked so good together.

Ten points for Gryffindor if you can find the mistake. 

I decided to connect the edges and turn it into an infinity scarf. I wear my scarves like that 100% of the time anyway, so it works out a lot better for me. There was a time when I swore off infinity scarves because they were so popular. I also did the same thing with ballet flats and pumpkin spice. Now they are all some of my favorite things. Ha. 

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