I’ve decided to get back into preparing batches of meals, specifically: salads. The crisper drawer in my refrigerator is often where good intentions go to die. My solution has been to make several salads for the week all at once.

The glass dishes make it super easy to have meals ready to go. Each holds an adult meal-sized portion. I made all of these in roughly the time it would have taken to make one salad! Moreover, I can make them on a day when I am feeling well so that we have ready made lunches for the days that we are very busy or I am unwell.

I use these glass meal prep dishes from Amazon. (This is an affiliate link)

Can you spot a visible sign of my brain injury in this photo! I can’t unsee it.

5 thoughts on “Pre-made salads

  1. I like those dishes. Father and I are eating meal-sized salads every night for dinner so my crisper drawer is staying pretty neat. This is a first, however, and even now I can open it and realize that the asparagus I got last week is still there, uneaten.


  2. No worries about the last picture; it’s still lovely and who needs full uniformity, right? 🙂 I am glad you had the energy to do these salads; may God give you wisdom on how much to do in this full week!!!


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