I earned my Master’s in European history from UAlbany where I met:

We got married in July 2009.
We spent two weeks in the Caribbean for our honeymoon.
Matt started seminary at St. Tikhon’s about a month later.
We had to leave glorious New York to go to Pennsylvania.

A few months later…

We had a little girl! 
And, a few months later…

We had a son!

My current aspirations and what I do:
I am trying to be more domestic. I used be quite domestic before college started getting very busy. I used to sew all of the time. I love historical clothing, indie fashion, gardening, cooking, baking and doing all sorts of things. Now that I have my own home (i.e. rented duplex), I have an outlet for it. I am quite infatuated with green living.

Why does your husband wear a dress in so many pictures?

Well, you see Matt was recently ordained a priest. For Orthodox Christians, that is a life long commitment. One of that ways this is expressed is by dressing as clergy.  So it isn’t a dress, silly. It is a cassock and has been worn for many, many years by Orthodox Clergy.

Orthodox? Are you Russian or Greek?
Nope. I was raised Pentecostal, which I will always be thankful for as it greatly helped make who I am today. My parents are and my grandparents are/were pastors. Converting was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Well, why bother, then?
Well, Orthodox Christianity can be traced back to the first apostles. Though Christianity as a whole branched out to being Catholic, Lutheran, Evangelical, Baptist, etc etc etc, Orthodoxy kept the same doctrines and has remained, in essence, as it was back in the first days after Christ ascended into heaven. I studied and prayed a lot about it. I came to the conclusion that the doctrines that the apostles and disciples of the apostles preached were what I wanted to follow. I could only find them in their fullness in Orthodoxy. I love it so much.

A little more of what I like to do:

 Hiking with my cousins!
 We have been trying to hike all of NY’s 46 high peaks. I am about half way.