I have another concussion. It is more like two concussions because I hurt both the front and back of my brain. There is a bright side. In April I walked into a shelf and got a traumatic brain injury and in October I get into a three-car accident and get a “good-old-fashioned-concussion,” as my neurologist put it. He also recommend bubble wrap.

While I see the positive side of this: It is supposed to heal within three weeks as compared to my +6 months for my TBI, I am grumpy.

I’ve been cranky about everything. Not a fatalistic angry-hate-the-world way, but more like your elderly old Aunt Rebekah who is irritated that a rabbit had babies in her tomato patch. (true story) They are cute and you want to pet them, but you must hate them on principal because they were BORN IN YOUR GARDEN.

I found out today that one of the parts of my brain that is injured is the part that controls anger and aggression. I haven’t felt aggressive, but that really explained my current and previous mood a lot.

So what am I cross at? Everything:

“Argh. My tea is too hot. It is also too bitter. Who made this?!? Oh, it was me. Darn.”

“Argh. My tea is too cold. Why didn’t I drink it faster?”

“How dare you sigh when I’ve asked you to fetch me the 100th thing today, Serf.”

“Why are all of these clothes ugly. Why are there clothes all over my floor?! Who’s in charge of laundry? I am. Why don’t I ask anyone for help? Because I can’t remember, oh right. Why are there clothes all over the floor?!?…”

“Why is a day 24 hours. Can’t this go by any faster?”

“Dumb cars. Why do we need them. Why do they let teenagers drive?”

“Why is everything gross?”

These “problems” are all trivial. I think that is why I find my irritation at them rather humorous. In all honesty, I think most of my irritation came from having a headache from the accident that wouldn’t go away for days. Now, due to blessed medicine, I feel much better.

A more complete update is that yes, I have another concussion. It should be better soon. I have whiplash as well. I was in a car accident. I was stopped waiting for the truck ahead of me to turn left and the driver behind me apparently didn’t notice and drove into my vehicle which pushed me into the truck ahead of me, so I got hit twice. Our car hasn’t been assessed yet. A three car accident could have been a lot worse; the only injury was my head. My kids are fine. Daniel declared it the best-day-ever because he came within two inches of a police officer. Consequently, despite my head and vehicle, it wasn’t bad. Thank God.

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