Barefoot shoes

I grew up running around barefoot on my parents’ farm as much as I could. I’ve been wanting to try barefoot shoes for a while, but I am a minimalist when it comes to how many pairs of shoes that I own, so I waited until there was an opening in the “functional sandal” category.… Read More

Some recent photography

I promised myself that I wouldn’t neglect this blog like I did my old one. Then I started feeling better and wanted to spend my free time doing other things like intently cleaning the house, gardening and reading copious Star Wars novels. I have a whole backlog of photos that I shared on Instagram, but… Read More

Life and other things

I have been feeling much better! Two things happened at the same time about two months ago: I started the GAPS Intro diet and had the sacrament of Unction at St Tikhon’s. Before Unction I had been throwing up several times a week and after Unction, didn’t throw up for months! My headaches have been… Read More