Do you ever wonder what I use to take most of my photos? While I have a DSLR camera, I usually only use my iPhone in addition to a few handy gadgets.

So you know, this is a bold-faced Amazon affiliate blog post. A girl needs new antique dresses! BUT I have also wanting to share some little things that I find crucial for photography, so here are my three most essential and inexpensive tools that are also linked to my Amazon account:

  1. A remote shutter

This little buddy was clicked several thousand times before it’s poor battery needed to be replaced. I love it and consider it one of my best photography purchases.

2. A Tripod

Because bribing kids with candy only gets crooked pictures and husbands don’t like it.

3. A cellphone attachment for your tripod

Most tripods are set up for a camera, not a phone. My guess though is that you are using your phone for most photos, so an adapter is a huge necessity.

That is it!  I use these three things all of the time.

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