Tea. If any of you know me, you know that I love tea! I started drinking it when I was a small child and have never stopped. I have tried many, many kinds of tea and would like to share my favorites. 

My top favorite everyday black tea is PG Tips. If you are used to standard grocery store tea- just try it. It changed my tea-drinking life. Yorkshire Gold is another excellent everyday tea. I like to switch between Yorkshire Gold and PG Tips intermittently.

But that is everyday tea. How about some special blends? Harney and Sons makes a delicious Imperial Earl Grey. They also make a wonderful Victorian London Fog, which I just want to drink while typing this. I couldn’t handle it. I got up from the computer to make a cup after typing that last sentence. It is so good. I also love their limited edition Diamond Jubilee blend which is part of their Historic Palaces Collection. It was specially made to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s sixtieth year of reign. I feel myself almost getting teary while typing this. I love her. However, I can say, unbiased, that the Diamond Jubilee blend is delicious.

For herbal teas, my favorites are made by Pukka. I adore Pukka Love, which is a rose chamomile blend; I also enjoy their elderberry and echinacea blend. I know there are a lot of other delicious herbal teas out there, but I’m just sharing my personal favorites in this post. I mostly drink black tea!

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But what do you do when your favorite tea is loose leaf and you only want one cup? Making a whole pot seems a bit impractical. Well, my friends, fret no more. My personal solution has been to get a single serving sized teapot. It is a win-win situation. I have a super cute pot, I can easily use my loose leaf tea AND I can use fancy tea cups. I also really like how this reduces waste.

*I used amazon affiliate links so that I can afford to buy more tea (or antique dresses!) if you shop using my links 😉

5 thoughts on “Earl Grey, hot.

  1. Dear Rebekah, i am very impressed with your wonderful use of the English language, it flows well and is very pleasing to the mind as it’s read. I love tea as well.


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