Tea. If any of you know me, you know that I love tea! I started drinking it when I was a small child and have never stopped. I am proud to say that my kids also love tea. I have tried many, many kinds of tea and would like to share my favorites.

Before I proceed, just know I am using Amazon affiliate links so that I can earn money to buy more tea.

My top favorite everyday black tea is PG Tips. If you are used to standard grocery store tea- just try it. It changed my tea-drinking life. Yorkshire Gold is another excellent everyday tea. I like to switch between Yorkshire Gold and PG Tips intermittently.

But that is everyday tea. How about some special blends? Harney and Sons makes a delicious Imperial Earl Grey. They also make a wonderful Victorian London Fog, which I just want to drink while typing this. I couldn’t handle it. I got up from the computer to make a cup after typing that last sentence. It is so good. I also love their limited edition Diamond Jubilee blend which is part of their Historic Palaces Collection. It was specially made to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s sixtieth year of reign. I feel myself almost getting teary while typing this. I love her. However, I can say, unbiased, that the Diamond Jubilee blend is delicious.

For herbal teas, my favorites are made by Pukka. I adore Pukka Love, which is a rose chamomile blend; I also enjoy their elderberry and echinacea blend. I know there are a lot of other delicious herbal teas out there, but I’m just sharing my personal favorites in this post. I mostly drink black tea!

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But what do you do when your favorite tea is loose leaf and you only want one cup? Making a whole pot seems a bit impractical. Well, my friends, fret no more. My personal solution has been to get a single serving sized teapot. It is a win-win situation. I have a super cute pot, I can easily use my loose leaf tea AND I can use fancy tea cups. I also really like how this reduces waste.

*I used amazon affiliate links so that I can afford to buy more tea (or antique dresses!) if you shop using my links 😉

5 thoughts on “Earl Grey, hot.

  1. Dear Rebekah, i am very impressed with your wonderful use of the English language, it flows well and is very pleasing to the mind as it’s read. I love tea as well.


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