I had a doctor appointment today. I came out with lots of fun, definitely not disturbing, news. Firstly, she is worried that my esophagus is tearing from throwing up so forcefully and so often. I have the symptoms of it. It is the sort of thing where it is no big deal unless it gets worse, then it is just life threatening by bleeding to death. Great! The good news is that I used to have a throwing up phobia that I worked out after months of therapy, so I’m just going to turn that OCD switch back on and hope it works and I never throw up again as long as I live. Also, my doctor doubled the strength of my anti nausea medicine. I was so happy that I told her it felt like Christmas because I was getting double strength medicine. Then I thought that probably would convince her I was a junkie (she asked if I was on marijuana the last time I saw her) so I explained my undying love Zofran and that I can’t live without it. That, I realized, was not the wisest way to convince a doctor that you don’t have an addiction. Fortunately, Zofran isn’t exactly a controlled substance, so I can love it freely.

Anyway. I also have to be tested for sleep apnea as I have been waking up gasping for breath, among other things. So that is great. She told me to not continue to take my sleeping medicine at night (that I had been taking) because if it is sleep apnea I might never wake up. Good to know.

Lastly, she is still concerned that my fainting might have been a seizure and wants to rule that out, so I have an MRI or something coming up too. Tomorrow is an echocardiogram and if the results are ok I CAN FINALLY DRIVE AGAIN.

I have made a list of all the places I want to visit when I can drive:

1. The photogenic pink town hall

2. My favorite abandoned field

3. The fabric store for a whole nine hours

4. The craft store for another ten hours

5. Every single thrift store this side of the Mississippi.

Maybe I’ll just start with driving to the grocery store. Or therapy.

While typing this I am sitting in one of the Church’s Sunday school rooms. Matt was too afraid to leave me alone but he had church tonight so I went along with him and sat in the quiet Sunday school room (I was too ill to be in church) and what do I notice on the white board tray next to the markers and eraser? A crawfish claw. That might be the oddest thing I’ve seen in months.

I realize that my photo choices are quite odd for this post, but it was better than a photo of me throwing up.

2 thoughts on “What did I say about drama following me?

  1. Ed had a sleep apnea test done years ago. He had to stay overnight in a sleep place where they put some things that monitor your breathing habits while you are asleep and he had no issues. So just look at it that way.

    I had no idea you were getting sick to your stomach so violently. The esophagus can get really irritate or you can get a hiatal hernia – both Dan and I got that. Basically he ate food that was too spicy and I have acid reflux. So we got basically an ulcer in our esophagus.

    Get the apnea test done and I am concerned about the medication, I know you need it but are you improving with the TBI at all?? I know you are doing things but then to read this it concerns me greatly.

    Please LMK


    Keep strong, never give up.


  2. well. the main thing when driving is not to overdo it with too much, but OH!!! I want ALL of these things for you too! Though I would be exhausted with 9 hours in a fabric store, though I love fabric and have a pretty good stash for the level of beginner quilter that I am! of course you make the most beautiful dresses…. 🙂 Hang on, it can get better again and we are praying for that.


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