I love running off to Yaddo Rose Gardens. When I visit, I feel like I’ve entered a time warp to Victorian England. It is not necessarily English, but if something feels magical in any way to me it automatically also feels British.

Daniel was anxiously wanting to try using my “big camera” (Canon Rebel T3i) so I adjusted the settings and let him snap away.

He surprised me. He took the above photo. I would not have thought of this perspective which looks more interesting than the photos that I took of it.

He also took this:

What the heck. I can’t even get a photo like this.

He also took the above photo of the light streaming through the trees.

And of course a photo more suited to a boy who is about to turn seven the next day:

I’m definitely going to let him use my camera more often. He took a lot of other nice shots, but the light was being tricky and my camera wasn’t set for that type of light, so while they had a great composition, they were too blown out. He wants me to teach him manual mode which sounds equal parts fun and also akin to slowly pulling out my fingernails.

While we were there, I took an obligatory Edwardian dress photo.

The statues are dedicated to the children of the family that used to own the Estate.

The garden is an enjoyable place to visit if you live in the capitol region. It is about one minute from Exit 14 on the Northway.

I was feeling a bit frazzled and there was a wedding being photographed at the same time so I didn’t take photos of the many beautiful features the garden has to offer. I should have given the camera to Daniel.

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