My health has gotten better since my last update. I went from throwing up three times a day to almost not at all after being prescribed a stronger anti-nausea medication. I had to be evaluated by a neuropsychologist for my new brain injury as it seems to have further complicated the old injury. Anyway, the… Read More

My apologies!

I am not super technologically minded. I decided to redirect my old blog traffic to this blog and in the process I think I super spammed my readers with old blog posts. Sorry! That’s what you get when you do it yourself, haha. Here, have a virtual balloon.

New year, new socks

I bought this delightful yarn almost on a whim. I haven’t bought yarn in several months which is quite a feat for me. This sock yarn is by ilnit2purl2, in the colorway Penny Lane. Isn’t it lovely? I love all of the shades of blue with the dark speckled contrast. Dreamy. Like usual, I had… Read More

Blue velvet

Today we visited Yaddo, a beautiful estate garden. It was beautiful, even in the snow. This gorgeous dress was given to me by Classic Girl Clothing. It is perfect for twirling. We finished up just as the sun was setting. I am grateful for the longer days!