I’ve shared my love for historical clothing several times. I love wearing it everyday, but don’t want to look like I’m always on break from a period drama, so I try to mix things up a bit to look modern enough.

Recently, I’ve been kind of obsessed with this skirt pattern. It is a historically accurate Victorian/Edwardian fantail skirt. If you like to sew, I highly recommend it! You can easily make the skirt in a few hours. I’ve made two so far with plans to make more.

This skirt is made up in 100% linen. It is very comfortable. It features a smooth a-line front and a pleated back that hides a buttoned placket.

This one is made from wool. It looks less modern, but still works well enough; I’ve worn it many times. As a plus, it is also very warm and perfect for fall. While wool fabric is a bit expensive; this shop is quite affordable.

Here I am goofing off on my birthday by dancing in the rain. While this outfit does have me looking like I escaped a day of work on BBC, I’m including it to show another look at the wool skirt.

So, if I’ve convinced you, go to Scroop Patterns and give it a go.

2 thoughts on “Modern Victorian

    1. I am not sure! I have more plaid wool that is determined to be a skirt, but that is promised to Rachel as a “I’m sorry someone burned down your church and could have killed your husband and daughter” present. I really want a green one for myself, and burgundy- both linen. I blew my fabric budget so I have to pay penance to my Etsy shop before I can buy more. 😉


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