I bought this delightful yarn almost on a whim. I haven’t bought yarn in several months which is quite a feat for me. This sock yarn is by ilnit2purl2, in the colorway Penny Lane.

Isn’t it lovely? I love all of the shades of blue with the dark speckled contrast. Dreamy.

Like usual, I had to take various in progress photos because, what else is Instagram for? This is the steps to my basement. Rustic, huh? I had been lamenting that I didn’t have any old stairs to photograph, then I remembered my perfectly decrepit basement stairs. I half can’t believe that I let my yarn touch it. I guess that is proof my OCD therapy has been working hahaha.

Anyway, I used the Wildflowers and Honeycomb pattern on Ravelry by This Handmade Life. It was such an enjoyable pattern. The eyelets are very simple to work and made the project fly by- even when I had to cast on like three times because I forgot how to join my knitting (I’ll just go ahead and blame that on the brain injury).

Within a few days I had a finished sock. I usually get a very bad case of second sock syndrome and let the second sock languish on the needles for weeks, nay, months, even years. However, it didn’t happen this time. I finished the second sock within a week of the first which is an all time record for me.

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