My health has gotten better since my last update. I went from throwing up three times a day to almost not at all after being prescribed a stronger anti-nausea medication.

I had to be evaluated by a neuropsychologist for my new brain injury as it seems to have further complicated the old injury. Anyway, the end result is that nothing seemed terribly worrisome, it is normal for it to take a long time to heal because of both my age and previous concussions (I’m up to six).

His main advice: learn how to relax.

I still do have a lot of symptoms and have to rest quite a lot, but it is going in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “Relaxation

  1. That is great news- I’m happy for you. I think the idea, even with 2 active children, to relax and learn relaxation techniques is very good.


  2. I’m wondering if relaxation can be a state of mind more than actual physical stillness. As a mom of little girls, there tends to be very little time to sit, just sit and relax. But if, in each moment, I am able to rest my worried heart, find peace in the whirlwind, perhaps I’ll find the relaxation of which you speak.


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