I love knitting socks! I’ve tried lots of different needles but never really had any love for them until I discovered Knitter’s Pride Karbonz double pointed needles. Ok, the name hurts. I almost didn’t even want to try them because I absolutely loathe that they are intentionally misspelled.* Carbon, people. But they are by far the best double pointed needles that I have ever tried. I can say that even with their wretched spelling, so you know it is legit.

Why are they so spectacular? They feel almost as light as air. The metal tips slide through the yarn very easily. They are so light; my hands get less tired. My tension is also much better because the needles are not tugging the yarn and the edges. I never want to use a different type of needle when making socks. Ever.

I had previously lamented because they were so hard to find and often had extra shipping costs. I was super happy when I found that they are now available on Amazon for Prime shipping. Hurrah!

If you are a magic loop type of sock knitter, they also have 32 inch circular Karbonz.  So cheers for everyone!

*Ironically, I misspelled the word ‘misspelled’ while typing the sentence.

**Yes, the link uses my Amazon Affiliate account so I can have more money to buy more knitting needles. Or yarn. It’s a tough call.

Don’t be fooled- this is what my knitting usually looks like:

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