These boots are quite possibly my most favorite footwear that I’ve ever had.

Admittedly, they are not very practical, but they make me very happy.

They make the fact that I was born in 1985 and not 1885 easier to bear (excepting modern medicine).

I got them for my birthday which was when I took this photo. I had forgot to bring my remote shutter, but I did have Katherine and made her painstakingly take photos.

I feel a little silly posting so many photos of myself in these boots. I’ve been taking them over the course of several months.

I love pairing them with an antique Victorian petticoat.

There are surprisingly a lot of reproduction Victorian boots out there. I got these from Shelpers.

They are made very well by a small company called Rawhide from Georgia.

They are quite old fashioned, yes. But that is kind of the point. Just call me eclectic.

*This isn’t an affiliate post- I’ve just had many people ask where I got these boots, so I decided to make a post.

One thought on “Boots

  1. I love Sheplers and have a short version of those boots but with lace cutaways on the side. Look so great but for special occasions only I really love the boots you are wearing though. They also look great with jeans


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