After we moved into a house a minute away from a donut shop, I started an exercise regimen called a donut a day. While I would not recommend this, it worked at the time. I would get a donut then exercise until I burned off all of the calories that the donut had to offer. By the time I was done with donuts (which truthfully wasn’t very long) I was also over the slump of trying to start a new habit, haha!

Since then, I have loved running or exercising in other ways that moved my head. A lot. I also gave up donuts. Unfortunately, since my brain injury I haven’t been able to do anything that jostles my head too much. Moreover, my YMCA membership expired and the snow and ice outside is frightful.

What can a girl do?

We have this small stationary bike.* It fits in between the dresser and the wall and takes up very little room. At first I hated having it in the house (it doesn’t look Victorian!), but once I started using it, I fell in love with it.

How did I fall in love with it? I used a silicone sticky pad to mount my phone to it and watch shows on Netflix while biking. When I was getting started (before my brain injury) I only allowed myself to watch my favorite show while biking. I quickly went from biking for about twenty minutes to a whole hour everyday- and enjoying it. I am not able to bike for an hour a day now, but I am so thankful for the half hour that I can fit in on most days.

So, if you struggle with fitting exercise into your routine, you might want to consider a similar set up. It takes up very little room and I can exercise whenever I want without having to leave the house. We’ve had it for a few years and have had no complaints.

*Yes, yes, this is another affiliate linked post. Since I still can’t work, blogging has been my small way of earning income- so don’t hate me! I promise to have more photography posts soon. 🙂

2 thoughts on “My favorite way to exercise

  1. I am patiently waiting for flu season to slow down and I’m back to the Y. I get free membership through my insurance and age.


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