Well, first of all I have to thank the makers of Fentanyl for providing me with peace and bliss for a few hours this morning. I’ve heard of people not responding well to that medicine or (worse) waking up during the procedure, but I am not one of them. Honestly, I think I could get high from a placebo, so if I am ever with you and get terribly injured, give me lint from your pockets but lie and say it is morpheme and I’ll be just fine.

So the results of the endoscopy were both surprising and unsurprising. If you’ve been following my health journey since the brain injury, you would know that I have been throwing up a lot. (TMI alert!) I had the endoscopy because I was throwing up blood and the GI doctor was worried my esophagus was tearing.

So, I have a hiatal hernia- not a surprise given the amount of reflux I daily deal with! I also have potential pre esophageal cancer from Barrett’s Syndrome. (More TMI) It is when your stomach lining starts to grow up your esophagus. The doctor took biopsies and I’ll get results in a couple of weeks.

That was so gross to write, here is a pretty photo of rotting flowers:

Please forgive me if what I say next is rude, I don’t mean to be- I am dealing with a lot right now: seeing lots of specialists and having seemingly endless tests. I can’t handle the extra stress of everyone worrying about me. It is fine if you do (I’ll be mad if you don’t, JK!) but please just don’t tell me about it- I have the personality where I feel very badly if I make other people uncomfortable and it builds on my already existing stress for myself. I get that it is something I have to personally work on, and I have been, but I just really need a break from any additional stress right now. All forms of “I love you” are happily accepted as well.

Here are more flowers:

10 thoughts on “Endoscopy results:

  1. Sending you my prayers for peace of mind and healing! These unexpected health hurdles can be rattling, but I know you can get through it and come out the better! Hugs, tea, and wishing for that trip to England for us BOTH! πŸ˜€


  2. my dear friend! someday I hope to meet you IRL πŸ™‚ So I actually DON”T feel worried about you as in anxiety; very sorry and aware of your hard lot at present. I know that God is still holding you in His hand through all of this and that HE can continue to carry you through it, day by day. Of course I am praying for and hoping for better for you. And I still believe that better calmer waters can come again for you and I pray they do. My Aunt Ruth loves to joke about variations of ‘God gave me a lot to handle, wish He did not trust me so much’ πŸ™‚ But we trust in God and in His care and I pray that He gives you peace in the midst of this ongoing wearying storm…. Also I do NOT think it was at all rude of you to tell people what will help you right now. Well done for being upfront about what will help and what will not. To me this is setting a boundary of what will help and what will only overwhelm. I personally find this really helpful. Sending more love and a (HUG) too. I hope to go to ST John soon and pray for you!!!


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