This week we went to our beloved St Tikhon’s Monastery for a quick visit. This time our trip coincided with our dear friends from far-far-away visiting at the same time so that we could see each other.

We lived at St Tikhon’s for five years; two of them were on the monastery grounds. It was so peaceful and beautiful. While I love where we now live very much, I miss the monastery dreadfully. For a while after we moved to NY, Matt taught liturgics at the seminary so we drove down (three hours) very week. It was exhausting and exhilarating. Now we are unable to be there as frequently, though we usually visit every six weeks.

At any rate, our spiritual father, Archimandrite Sergius (the Abbot) suggested serving the Sacrament of Holy Unction for my health. It was concelebrated by seven priests, each who anointed me with holy oil.

It was long! Two hours, actually. The love and care felt tangible. There were three others who had been ill receiving the Sacrament.

I have never felt such peace as at the monastery- it is where I always want to go when I’m struggling with something. We’ve been a part of the monastery community for nearly nine years- it has gone by so quickly.

All photos of the service were taken by my friend, Shelby Duchow.

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