So, remember when I fainted a couple of months ago? I fainted another time since then and had another strange experience last week where I blacked out and forgot what my life was. Strange. Yes.

I saw an electro-physiologist this past week to go over why I have been blacking out so much when I stand up. When I say “blacking out” I mean that I lose my vision; I don’t faint every day! Sometimes I also start to lose my strength and have to grab something so I don’t fall over.

I’ve had this since I was about 14, but it got worse this winter so that I usually black out at least once a day. Add to that the possibility of hitting my head if I pass out and you have a stressful potpourri of medical drama.

So why have I been doing this?  My doctor is planning on diagnosing me with Vasovagal Syncope after I wear another heart monitor for a month. He also asked me to research Vasovagal Syncope myself to see if that diagnosis seems to match my medical history and current symptoms. I have never had a doctor ask me for my opinion like that. I appreciated it a lot because it was apparent that he wanted to work with me rather than just telling me what he thought without looking deeper into it.

The layman’s definition of Vasovagal Syncope is that you are essentially prone to fainting when standing up. It is not the same as fainting when you see blood or get frightened. It is a malfunction of the autonomic system and is essentially harmless unless you hit your head and have already had six concussions.

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