I have been feeling much better! Two things happened at the same time about two months ago: I started the GAPS Intro diet and had the sacrament of Unction at St Tikhon’s. Before Unction I had been throwing up several times a week and after Unction, didn’t throw up for months! My headaches have been a lot better too. I still have symptoms, but they are much more mild. Thank God!

Since I have been feeling better, I’ve pretty much ignored my blog for a few weeks and instead spent time outside gardening, cleaning and taking naps.

I am wearing a heart monitor for a month. My doctor is trying to determine why I black out so frequently )as I explained in my last post). It isn’t as annoying as it sounds- it isn’t the type of monitor with a million cords to get tangled up in- it is just a patch that I wear over my heart.

I also had a sleep study last week. I was tested for narcolepsy in addition to sleep apnea, so I had to stay for the following day to take naps. They were torture naps! I didn’t realize that they were always timed to be exactly half an hour. I think I had four of five naps every two hours. It was very strange and not at all relaxing. I will get the results at the end of the month.

I am very happy to be feeling better!

3 thoughts on “Life and other things

  1. such pretty pictures!! I am SO GLAD you are feeling better and we are still praying for you!!! It’s a blessing to be given our life back so to speak! I know I am so thankful that I can walk again… it will be a year tomorrow since I broke my ankle! a HUG to you!


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