I promised myself that I wouldn’t neglect this blog like I did my old one. Then I started feeling better and wanted to spend my free time doing other things like intently cleaning the house, gardening and reading copious Star Wars novels. I have a whole backlog of photos that I shared on Instagram, but not here.

As you can see from the above photo, I wore a heart monitor for a while. I don’t have a to wear it anymore which is so great- it wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world!

So, life has been going by at its typical break-neck speed. Daniel lost his top tooth and now looks like an old child. Thankfully he still gives me about one hundred kisses a day, so it is ok.

Oh! We might be moving. I really don’t know. We put our house on the market in hopes of selling it and moving into a larger home in the same area. It is killing me right now though because my garden is coming up and I love it more than you could imagine.

I’ve also been busy running around and taking ridiculous photos. They are supposed to be artistic. I remind myself that whenever I run into a random stranger while taking a shot like the photo above.

We went to St Tikhon’s last week. I love it there so much. We usually go about once a month. Last week was the Memorial Day Pilgrimage which was both my tenth pilgrimage and favorite of them all.

I forgot to mention that I can have coffee and tea again. What a relief! Living without tea is exceedingly difficult. Tragical.

Well- that is it for now! I hope you are all well!

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